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Enclosed Flare

Controls Flow Rate
No Visible Flame or Radiating Heat
Ceramic Lined
Cleanest Flare in Operation
Built in Safety Features
Cost Efficient
Easy to Operate
Exceeds All Environmental Standards


Extraction Wells using Hi Lo technology, we have developed a better way of capturing the gas on landfill sites. Unlike conventional extraction wells that get pressure locked and flooded, Hi Lo extraction wells are proven to target the gas, optimizing the gas extraction procedure.

The Hi Lo drill rig is fully portable and light weight for ease of mobilization. There is no damage to the site cap caused by movement of the drill rig.

The Hi Lo extraction wells can then be connected to the manifold system and enclosed flare.

Hi Lo Drill Rig can be used to drill methane monitoring points, ground water wells and test bore holes prior to wells being installed.

Conventional type extraction well 10 is pressure locked and has very little movement of gas.

Under the same suction Hi Lo extraction well 13 has movement from 60% CH4 to 10% CH4 showing that the gas is being reached.

In using the above hi lo drilling technology one can see that this reduces the migration of methane gas from the methane monitoring outer markers. The historical information we acquired from this well was that the methane CH4 content was 50%+ for a number of years prior to hi lo extraction wells being installed. Hi Lo technology is ideal to clear methane gas migration.

Gas Analyzing

Using the GA2000 Gas Analyzer, the customer obtains important, useful and accurate information from their site. Hi Lo measures CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, CO, Barometric Pressure, Relative Pressure and LEL (lower explosion limits) 

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